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Artificial Intelligence serves as an innovation catalyst for several industries, with applications such as generative AI, Natural Language Processing (NLP), and autonomous navigation. Underlying these applications is a sophisticated system capable of operating on massive amounts of data for AI training and inference. This system requires servers with cutting-edge hardware that can run complex artificial intelligence algorithms efficiently to maximize the benefits of AI-based technologies.

Advantages of our AI product offerings

High Performance
Our cutting-edge servers offer strong AI performance capabilities across a wide range of applications. These servers have been intensely tested against diverse workload sizes to ensure superior performance for all your needs.
Superior Density

Pursuit’s AI servers provide best-in-class data handling and processing power enabled by high-density compute modules. In addition to a dense packaging of CPUs and GPUS, our servers include advanced AI accelerators to rapidly execute AI training and inference.

Ease of Deployment

We provide AI servers that are verified and validated by established software and hardware providers. This guarantees compatibility with AI software applications, enabling you to rapidly deploy your application with assured and stable performance.

Remote Management

Pursuit’s turnkey AI solutions include an easy-to-use tool for remote server management. It empowers organisations to effortlessly configure and control their AI servers using a standard web browser, streamlining workflows and improving efficiency.

Comprehensive Selection

Our array of AI solutions extends the flexibility of choice to users. Our portfolio of x86 architecture-based servers from Intel and AMD and ARM-based servers from Ampere and NVIDIA caters to the unique needs and applications of various industries. We help you select the right stack for your application to ensure optimal computational performance for your AI algorithms.