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Cloud servers are the backbone of any enterprise that requires on-demand infrastructure to host software applications, store data, and provide computing resources. Industries like Content Delivery Networks (CDNs), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), and Virtualization rely upon cloud server solutions to drive their growth. Cloud servers need to be scalable and flexible in order to support businesses of different sizes and handle varying workloads.

Advantages of our CLOUD product offerings

High Core Count

Our cloud servers offer up to 80/128 cores for data processing, maximising parallel computation and thread execution.

Flexible Architecture

Pursuit provides both x86 and ARM-based cloud-native processors for your cloud application. You can choose the server rack configuration that best suits your computing, storage, and power consumption requirements.

Power Efficiency

Pursuit’s server solutions are highly power-efficient and maintain their performance/watt advantage even as you scale up to larger systems. This advantage also enables you to pack more cores per rack to support more concurrent users and higher workloads.


In addition to a high core count, cloud servers also need high IO and storage capabilities. Our servers offer scalable IO and memory for high throughput and even latency that meet your system requirements.

Reduced TCO

Pursuit’s turnkey cloud solutions combine high performance and power efficiency to minimise your total cost of ownership (TCO). In addition, our servers for cloud applications support ease of migration to HPC applications, thus ensuring long-term returns from your investment.