Products – EDGE

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Edge servers facilitate rapid on-site computing, reducing latency for time-sensitive applications like communications services, real-time navigation, AI-driven IoT devices for Smart City infrastructure, and high-quality AR/VR. Since edge servers handle the bulk of the workload for such applications, they must include ample computing resources and data memory, besides fast response times.

Advantages of our EDGE product offerings

Lower Operating Costs

Our edge servers help reduce the client’s operating costs across the board. Localised data processing will reduce your organisation’s expenditure on network bandwidth, and faster response times lead to increased efficiency.

Capital Savings

With edge solutions, the requirement for centralised cloud computing and storage is minimised. Additionally, the use of edge servers ensures optimal use of locally available resources, contributing to further capital savings.

Stable Operation

Pursuit’s edge server racks can withstand extreme environments and shocks and are compatible with Class-A electromagnetic limits. This ensures that your edge solution is compliant with the industry standards for telecommunication infrastructure.

Data and Network Security

With Edge, your computing resources and data are contained on-site, close to user equipment. This local storage and transmission of sensitive data offers higher security. You can also configure local servers for additional access control without impacting the rest of your network. At scale, distributed deployment of servers across different edge locations limits the damage caused by data breaches, thus maximising your network security.

Accessibility and Usability

Our servers boast a modular design, which allows seamless front-end access and ease of service. Supporting a range of virtualization stacks, they can also be configured quickly to jumpstart your system and operations.