High-Performance Computing

High-performance computing (HPC) is the fundamental force behind the progress achieved in scientific computing. HPC makes the processing of large data sets and complex computations accessible to research and engineering organisations around the world. It enables these organisations to solve advanced problems in reduced time frames, fueling the next wave of innovation. Let us examine the enormous potential of HPC via real-world applications that use this powerful tool.

Industrial Potential Of HPC

Healthcare and Biosciences

Breakthroughs in medicine and healthcare, such as personalised care, disease treatment protocols, workflow optimization, and drug discovery, rely upon high-performance and accelerated computing.

Using HPC, pharmaceutical researchers can create digital models of molecules at scale and then use this digital library to test several potential drugs in parallel. This reduces the time-to-market and costs associated with drug development and testing.

Accelerated computing can also be used to analyse the genome of large populations, identify disease markers, and create patient profiles. This facilitates the early identification of medical conditions and the disbursal of personalised treatments. The result – improved patient care and minimised drug-related side effects.

When integrated with AI, HPC can offer tremendous assistance in clinical workflows utilising medical devices. HPC and AI can aid the detection of abnormalities in medical images, improve image quality in post-processing, and provide key inputs for decision-making during surgery and therapy.

At the heart of these medical innovations is a robust computational platform. For example, NVIDIA’s range of solutions equips healthcare professionals and institutions with HPC and AI tools that can transform the healthcare industry.

Financial Services

The financial services industry has rapidly adopted digitization and automation, which bring opportunities as well as challenges. With HPC, financial service providers can simplify their workflows while addressing the needs of a proliferating customer base securely and efficiently.

HPC empowers Financial Services Institutions (FSIs) to process and analyse huge volumes of data and extract information pertaining to risk analysis, fraud, and trading patterns. With faster data processing and computing, FSIs can increase their successful trades irrespective of workload fluctuation and use data-driven insights to finetune their trading strategies. Thus cutting-edge high-speed HPC infrastructures can open new avenues for FSIs in terms of higher revenue and greater customer satisfaction.

HPC, paired with AI and edge computing, also aids FSIs in presenting users with innovative digital services and solutions at their fingertips. These groundbreaking offerings like contactless payment, conversational AI-based customer service, and personalised recommender systems have overhauled customer experience when availing financial services.

Energy Solutions

HPC is modernising the energy industry by providing solutions for every building block of the energy generation and delivery ecosystem, ranging from fuel reservoir simulation to real-time energy grid management.

The data processing capabilities of HPC and AI enable the modelling and simulation of fuel reservoirs, which helps decipher fluid behaviour and assess their production capacity. Reservoir simulation is also useful in identifying risks with reservoir development and mitigation measures. HPC is also used to map subsurface geology to identify ideal drilling sites.

Energy companies can leverage HPC and AI to create digital twins of their power generation plants to simulate and optimise their designs and processes prior to release for production. By using this HPC-based test-driven approach, energy production is increased, downtime is limited, and development costs are minimised.

Smart energy grids managed by HPC in collaboration with edge computing solutions are the next evolution of power distribution infrastructure. Such grids can operate with higher reliability under adverse conditions like imbalanced energy demands, outages, and fluctuating power loads to deliver energy reliably to residential and industrial areas. State-of-the-art HPC infrastructure providers like NVIDIA are spearheading this energy revolution.


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