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High-performance computing (HPC) is at the core of next-gen scientific and industrial breakthroughs across a broad range of domains, such as medical imaging, computational physics, weather forecasting, and banking. With the help of powerful computing clusters, HPC processes massive datasets to solve complex problems using simulations and modelling.

Advantages of our HPC product offerings

Intensive Workloads

Pursuit’s HPC servers are designed to handle extensive computational requirements, suitable for enterprises working on large amounts of data. With up to 80/128 cores per processor, our server clusters can handle intensive parallel workloads to meet your computing needs.

Memory Bandwidth and Rapid Storage

Before performing complex calculations rapidly, HPC systems must be able to swiftly store and access vast quantities of data. Our HPC servers have high memory bandwidth, with each memory channel accessible with uniform low latency speeds across processor cores.

High Throughput

An HPC compute module must allow rapid data transfer from the processor to multiple peripherals like network modules, external storage, and GPUs. Our HPC solutions support up to 128 PCIe Gen4 lanes per socket, ensuring high throughput data transfer in parallel.

Lower Energy Costs

The trade-off of high computational speeds is energy consumption, and it is vital to maximise the performance-to-energy ratio to maintain an efficient system as workloads increase. Our line of HPC servers offers higher computational performance per watt to minimise your energy costs even as you scale your HPC operations.